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Latest article from RG mags - Style By Shivani

Seeing her mother walk in from work wearing a pair of knee-high chocolate suede boots with a pointed patent leather toe, was a defining moment in Shivani Seth’s early life. Only 12-years-old at the time, she remembers it being “love at first sight” – with her passion for all things fashion still going strong today. Currently, an international style consultant at Gibbons Company, Mrs Seth helps scores of men and women find greater confidence through dressing. 

After launching her company ‘Style by Shivani’ four years ago while living in Dublin, Ireland, Mrs Seth has witnessed first-hand how quickly trends can come and go. She agrees wholeheartedly with the saying by iconic designer Yves Saint Laurent: ‘Fashions fade, but style is eternal’. 

One of the designers from the past who has inspired her most is Christian Dior, who exploded onto the Paris fashion scene with his luxury pieces in 1947. Mrs Seth was lucky enough to see a Dior exhibition this past summer at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, which showcased the brand’s creations inspired by countries around the world. “My current style is often a mix of East and West – whether I pair an outfit with ethic jewellery or I mix and match Eastern inspirations into my everyday look,” she said. 

Having been given the opportunity to live in Bermuda twice in the last two decades, Mrs Seth has seen the fashion and beauty scene on the Island evolve enormously. One of the most significant changes is the mindfulness that people are developing towards clothing, she said. Mrs Seth admits she was shocked to learn that it takes 2,720 litres of water to make just one cotton t-shirt – this is equivalent to how much we normally drink over three years. “Worldwide consumers are rethinking their buying options, and many are now opting to buy more from second-hand stores and charity shops. Since my return to Bermuda, I was excited to see that Orange Bay Company was in existence. I’m equally proud to be working with Gibbons Company, which has recently made a big step away from plastics to recycled bags and which also carries eco-conscious brands like Mango.”