I had a great experience in the Style by Shivani studio! I had opted for the 'Image for Men' consultation, which lasts about 2 hours. Shivani is great at showing her clients a visual on which colours work well (and some which certainly don't work well) that are individual to you, your natural colouring and build. The consultation makes you think about colours, patterns, and fabrics that you may have thought worked well for you, but you can see that they are not ideal for you. Along with the clothing choices, Shivani helps you to see how your hair/beard and accessories can work for you, in order for you to complete your look. Overall, it was a great experience and it definitely makes you think and see things differently when you shop! I'd highly recommend visiting the Style by Shivani studio.

Derek, Bermuda

Most people that know me, know that my favourite colours are black and black.  Meeting Shivani was an incredible eye opener for me and introduced me to colours I previously would never have considered – Shivani was down to earth and every minute I spent with her made me realize what a difference the right choices can make in how you look.  Nothing was out of bounds with Shivani but it all made sense, and I’ve never looked back.  It was definitely something I can say has changed my professional image for the better and I can say that, sat at my desk in yellow – you definitely can’t get further away from black than that!!

Karen, Bermuda

Style By Shivani – two of the most beneficial hours I have spent on my wardrobe in a long time.  I started off as a skeptic because overall I am a frequent shopper, I buy quality products and I generally know what I like and to be honest I didn’t think I needed any help.  Well I was right and wrong all at the same time. Yes I am a shopper BUT I tended to buy what was in fashion and not what was right for me.  Shivani, with her knowledge, witty humor, honesty and genuine care lead me to have a lot of light bulb moments and the money I spent 2 hours with her will definitely save my credit card some melting in the months ahead.  I would truly encourage anyone to engage her services to ensure you really are picking FIRST the right colors for you and then the right style to ensure you are portraying the best professional image of yourselves.

Grainne, Bermuda

Shivani helped me to transform my image from a university graduate, whose idea of work wear was an awkward mix between club and formal, into a sophisticated young professional. It gave me the confidence to walk into meetings and work functions and feel like I would be taken seriously. She helped me to understand how to dress for my petite frame and body shape so that I could go from looking like a little girl to looking like a young lady. I got complimented on looking slimmer too, which was a bonus. Shivani paid attention to detail and taught me how to shop for the colours, styles and even materials that flatter my body as well as how to choose and apply make-up that looked and felt natural. Shivani was positive, fun and showed a genuine interest in my transformation - she was amazing to work with! This was an experience that completely changed my perspective on style and what it has the power to do for you.

Kameela, Bermuda

My niece and I had a GREAT time with Shivani from start to finish.  Not only did we see the differences colours could make, but we left armed with samples of the ones that made us look our best!  My 17 year old niece is just learning about her style, so Shivani helped us with a 'how to' for makeup and clothing style tailored to our body types.   Shivani makes you feel right at home as she transforms your colour outlook and approach to makeup.

I highly recommend this service for everyone - we enjoyed our experience so much that I booked my mother in for when she came to visit. Fun and informative, and well worth the time and money to save you the frustration when searching for that next great outfit!

Dianne, Bermuda

Shivani was really great about showing me the way style can really give you the confidence to know when you look great – and how to look great every day!  She showed me the right colours for my skin tone, clothing and cut for my body shape, and how to apply makeup to make me look my best!  Thanks, Shivani, for introducing me to how shop for the right clothes which make me look and feel great!

Ellen, Canada

I was always under the assumption that the colours of your clothing didn’t make a difference. I knew what colours I thought looked fantastic on me and if I wanted to look slimmer than the outfit would definitely be in black. I saw the ad for Style by Shivani and after speaking with her booked the Diamond Package so I could update my entire look.

On the day of my appointment Shivani sat me down and discussed what the different colour types were. She had done her homework before my appointment as per her request I had sent her a headshot of myself. Shivani had various coloured cloths and first showed me what colour palette would clash with my colouring but would suit someone with different tones. After that she showed me a colour palette with warm & golden tones so I could compare. The difference was immediately apparent, the cooler tones made me look older, tired and washed out while the warmer tones made me look fresh and

Shivani then prepared a Colour Me Beautiful wallet with all of the colours in my palette so when I go shopping I could easily determine the correct colour for me. We also went over what styles would best suit my body type to help me achieve that perfect look. Since my consultation I have had loads of compliments and feel more confident in my appearance. Shivani showed me how to enhance my current wardrobe by adding a pop of colour by using a scarf, handbag or jewelry. Without this consultation I would have never mixed or matched the colours I now wear thank you Shivani for bringing me out of the dark shadows and into the warm golden light.

Terrie, Bermuda

As a person who has always been interested in colour, art and fashion I was so eager to have a session with Shivani. I had done the original colour me beautiful when it first came out over thirty years ago. Now that my hair colour had changed so dramatically I was curious to see if it changed my colour palette.

Shivani explained everything, from colour, makeup, and fashion, as it pertained to me. It was an informative and fun afternoon. I came away with an understanding of the colours that are best suited for me and also the ones that are not. Also how to do my makeup and clothing styles that are tailored for my body type. The booklet with all my information is perfect and stays in my purse all the time.

​Lark, Bermuda

Loved my session with Shivani! Knowing not only my colours but how to wear them properly is beyond helpful whether I'm dressing for a normal day or a formal event.  

Shivani was very knowledgeable and professional, and the session was relaxed and fun.  A great experience to take with me wherever travels take me - makes shopping a whole lot easier now!

​Tracy, Bermuda

I had a great colour session with Shivani.  It definitely made me see myself in a different way.  I thought some colours looked ok on me, but now I know they simply do not.

Shivani herself is very stylish, but what also comes with her is that she is very friendly and personable.  She is able to discuss what colours work/don't work being very informative without offending you if something doesn't look complimentary - I learnt such a lot.  She was interested in my needs and concerns and this was displayed throughout the consultation.

I have definitely taken on board Shivani's advice and shopping for clothes and colours is definitely easier.  I would recommend to anyone to have a consultation even if you think you know it all....I'm sure she can help you in some way to improve your look and make you feel better.

​Leela, Bermuda

Last week I had the most eye opening experience I’ve ever had in relation to myself.  I met with Shivani for a consultation and for her to do my colors.  Coming off of a stressful past year which included a divorce and a new job, I decided I needed to try to find a way to do something for myself and Shivani offered her services.

Shivani’s lovely and warm personality made me feel extremely comfortable and it was apparent immediately that she really knew what she was doing.  I found it shocking to realize how certain colors highlighted certain areas of my face and how wearing certain colors made me look so much older!  Shivani’s assessments of me showed me that the color of my hair, the makeup I wear and the colors I dress in are completely wrong for me!  In just a few short hours Shivani was able to pinpoint the colors which I should wear to look and feel my best.  I am excited to begin my journey with her and recommend her highly!

​Nikki, Bermuda

I always had a lurking feeling that I could hijack my own image with poor colour selection... well no more thanks to Shivani. A happy and fun afternoon in December put paid to all that. It is utter joy to finally know my colours.  I have renewed confidence to shop, I can even chat nonchalantly about next seasons "in" colours that will work for me!  This experience is a wonderful gift, my advice - treat yourself!

​Cara, Bermuda

Fun! Exciting! Extremely informative! Time Well Spent!  These are a few of the phrase that I have, and, will continue to use to describe my session with Shivani.   I cannot think of the right words to express my appreciation for the highly professional, yet, very personable and relaxed manner in which she conducted the session.

I considered the session to be a financial investment.  It has saved me time, and, much of the frustration that I have felt in the past as I have sifted through racks of clothing that I had no business looking through, given my prescribed colour palette.  Most of all, the information that I gained has saved me from making purchases which I regret.  Over the years I have bought outfits that I believed were great at the point of sale.  I have worn many of them once as there was something about them that I did not like.  I could not put my finger on it before, now I know why; wrong colour; wrong style for my shape, wrong fabric!

The information that Shivani imparted about what colours complement my complexion, and, insight into the sort of clothing I should buy for my body shape, has been invaluable.  Friends and colleagues have offered compliments on my colour combinations; the correct choice of colours makes a difference!!

I recommend Style by Shivani to anyone who has decided to be intentional about everything that they do.  These sessions are for anyone who wants to add even one piece of new clothing to their wardrobe.  The information gleaned from the time spent with Shivani will equip you to make future purchases that you will wear with confidence.

Thanks to Gibbons Company for making the bold move to include this service.  Many thanks again to Shivani – for her honest and straightforward approach, her help,  empathy, time, patience and good grace were much appreciated!  Shivani offers an excellent service that I can’t recommend highly enough.

Margaret, Bermuda 

I always thought I had a handle on my style and wardrobe but I was rather curious about having my colours analyzed.  Spending two hours with Shivani and her Colour Me Beautiful philosophy was so much fun and completely eye opening!  I learned about what colours worked (or did not work) for me and why.  You see the transformation right before your eyes!   I now look at my wardrobe and colour choices in a whole new way.   I recommend Shivani's services to anyone regardless of how confident they may be in their style and colour choices.  Shivani will elevate your style to the next level!

​Veronica, Bermuda

I was very pleased to have my colours done at style by Shivani. It was a full and very comprehensive consultation including make up application. Shivani educated me in the colours that complemented me personally. Now I have a better understanding and a wallet full of personalized swatches for shopping with ease.

​Rebecca, Bermuda

As a self-confessed shopaholic with a closet full-to-bursting, it was with a bit of trepidation that I went to see Shivani for my Colour Analysis (have I been buying the wrong colours all this time!?!). However sitting down for the session was a real treat! Shivani has a very warm personality that puts you at ease. And watching her at work was fascinating- you can actually see your face transform as she drapes you with the colours. I left feeling pampered and armed with my booklet of colour swatches, and had so much fun hunting in my closet afterwards!

​Julie, Bermuda

I spent a very enjoyable two hours with Shivani of Colour Me Beautiful at Gibbons Company. Shivani gave me great advice on how to use colour to enhance my look and sourced me some gorgeous new clothes and makeup in the store.  Shivani is very professional, has a lovely personality and the time just flew by!

​Karen, Bermuda

The Colour Me Beautiful service by Shivani at Gibbons Company is a truly beautiful experience, not dissimilar to being at the spa! In a few hours Shivani perfects your makeup look and choices and teaches you which fabric colours work for your complexion, hair and eyes as well as your personal style, which she picks up on very quickly. Shivani is very professional and knowledgable and a lovely lady to work with!

​Louise, Bermuda


"I found the whole experience very enjoyable and this was very due to how Shivani put me at my ease. I was a little nervous about the prospect of sitting looking at myself in the mirror and discussing my skin-tone(!) but somehow Shivani made this a pleasant and easy process. I think it was her professional manner which gave me no opportunity to feel self-conscious.

I would highly recommend it. I learnt a lot and my colour palette is now a well used part of my shopping routine. I can’t say that my whole wardrobe has changed (yet) but I am getting a lot more comments about how well I look………….."

Lorraine, Dublin

"The best style advice money can buy is spending an afternoon with Shivani.
I had the pleasure of booking in with Shivani in Dublin, Ireland and even though she stripped me bare, that right's no make up!, she brought me to life with her makeup products and swatches whilst demonstrating what tones suited my complexion.
The session flew and I walked away with a beautiful pocket book enclosing swatches of all the colours I should be wearing.

Since my session, every morning I make a conscious effort to wear 'my colours' and I am always met with a compliment. 

When shopping, I bring my little pocket book with me and I know now I am buying clothes/colours that make me look my best!"

Clair, Dublin

"Shivani created a custom easy to use style program for me, working colours into my everyday wardrobe which flatter my shape and colouring. I now have a focus when I shop in terms of what to buy and how to accessorise my core wardrobe with scarves and custom pieces. It was a great experience and I now feel confident I am wearing more of my wardrobe by mixing and matching colours to create successful outfits."

Christina, Dublin

I am very pleased to introduce you to Style by Shivani. My consultation was in spring 2016. I felt inspired and encouraged by Shivani to make simple changes to my wardrobe and hair colour. Shivani has a warm and reassuring manner and I felt her advice was truly tailored to suit me. If you want to feel more polished and more confident in your clothing choices, then Shivani’s consultations are truly value for money.

Jennifer McKeen, Dublin
Before I met Shivani I knew I could improve my style, but I thought it would take a lot of study and money. When she invited me to try her service I was very excited, (also knowing that she has a fantastic taste for colours and clothes)… and I wasn’t disappointed! I always use the colour-wallet for my purchases and it makes a huge difference in my style (I had no clue it could have such an impact!)

I definitely recommend Shivani if you want to improve your style; she is also a lovely and very enjoyable person, so it is a pleasure to spend time with her."
Isabella Fraia, Dublin

My experience with Shivani was amazing! As a busy working mum I had got into the rut of wearing black all the time. It was so lovely to have some 'me' time to try and change my look with an expert. The whole experience was so informative and relaxing. She was so helpful in showing me how to add colour to my every day attire as she knew exactly how I felt about change. I left feeling amazing with a fabulous make over and new, really exciting ways to dress up my current outfits and more confidence to do so. I am now drawn to the colours that suit me in shops which makes shopping more enjoyable. Thank you Shivani for your expertise! 

Ciara Sawyer, Dublin 



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